Abrasive Tools

Sterling Sites offers a wide range of Abrasive Tools that are made out of best standards and quality graded materials to provide best solutions to grinding, polishing, buffing, honing, and every similar purposes. The Abrasive Tools we supply are professionally crafted to provide hassle free usage and convenience to the users and we showcase our row of Abrasive Tools at attractive price range.


Sterling Sites is a reputed supplier of top finished and perfectly crafted all purpose Buckets that are available in variants of materials. The Buckets we supply are made with high graded materials to provide lifelong durability and unfailing usage convenience. We focus on timely supply of appropriate buckets at affordable and competitive price ranges.

Cutting Tools

Sterling Sites is well known for the supply of exclusive range of Cutting Tools and caters solution for safe and innovative cutting requirements. We supply high standard Cutting Equipments to meet the demands for industries and harness an easy working space at a competitive price. Our range of products includes Cutting Discs, Glass Cutters, Hacksaw, Knives, and other Cutting Utilities as per the market trends and demand.

Fastening Tools

Sterling Sites supplies an exquisite row of Fastening Tools to address the requirements of industrial and non industrial demands. We supply products of exceptional standard and cater towards the thriving innovations of the industry. We stand for the supply of top quality products at affordable and competitive price keeping in pace with the market trends and new age necessities. Our range of products comprises of variants of Screw Drivers and their sets, Wrenches, Fasteners, Pipe Wrench, Testers, Voltage Testers, Hex Key sets, Spanners, Pliers, and other general Fastening tools.

Finishing Tools

We have an exclusive range of highest standard and exceptionally innovative finishing tools to cater the requirements of manufacturing industry. The products we supply assure long term durability and best results. The range of products comprises of Concrete Finishing Tools, Finishing Trowels, Street Trowels, and we have solutions for every finishing work requirements at optimum and competitive price. We stand firmly for providing best finishing touch to the industrial processes by providing best products as per the market demand and trends.

Gardening Tools

The row of Gardening Tools by Sterling Sites caters towards the extensive demand of industrial and non industrial gardening requirements. We supply Gardening Equipments and tools such as Shovels, Gardening Rakes, Hoes, Shears, and every basic gardening tool. There is assurance of utmost quality for the products we supply and guarantees timely availability. We provide the best gardening tools and equipments at optimum and competitive price to be in tact with the customer satisfaction.

General Tools

Sterling Sites extensively supplies a wide range of General Tools to cater the needs and demands of manufacturing and construction industry. We are reputed supplier and one stop destination of General Tools with exceptional quality and brand etiquette. Our row of products manifests in sales and supply of General Tools to fulfill the requirements of manufacturing industry and the service is centered on the customer satisfaction. We assure hassle free tools and long-term durability for the product without compromising with our affordable and competitive price.


Sterling Sites showcases wide varieties of highly durable and ultimately strong Ladders at reasonable price ranges. The Ladders we supply are assured with hassle free and convenient usage and are manufactured with top graded robust materials. We focus on appropriate supply of innovative Ladders for industrial and non industrial purposes by keeping intact with the market trends and demands.

Layout Tools

Sterling Sites is an extensive supplier of Layout Tools to meet the demands and requirements of manufacturing industry. We guarantee high standard of quality and long term durability to the products we supply. Our products also stand out with its innovative features and for our timely supply to meet the fast pace manufacturing processes. Our range of products include Framing and Layout Squares, Line Doris, Spirit Levels, Plum Bobs, Chalk Line Reels, measuring tools and solutions for every layout requirements of the industry.

Measuring Tools

We have an exclusive range of measuring equipments to cater the needs and demand of manufacturing industry. Our range of products comes with high standard of quality and unmatched innovations to meet the ever changing industrial requirements. We stand for supplying best products at optimum and competitive price. Our product range comprises of variants Measuring Tapes and every tool required to meet the measuring purposes in manufacturing process.

Painting Tools

Sterling Sites with an exclusive range of Painting materials and equipments provides solution for every industrial and non industrial painting requirement. Our range of products includes Paint Brushes, Rollers, Trays, Scrappers, Extension poles and other general painting tools. The premium quality of components used in our products gives utmost quality and perfection to the painting works and our range includes innovative products at optimum price without compromising the standard.

Striking & Struck Tools

Sterling Sites with the supply of an extensive range of Striking and Struck Tools caters the needs of manufacturing industry. We supply products of exceptional standard and our pre-stocks are designed by considering market demand and also by foreseeing the fast moving future demand. The products we showcase are of top quality and at affordable and optimum price. Our row of products include variants of Hammers such as Sledge Hammer, Claw Hammer, Rubber Hammer, Machinist Hammer, Crowbars, Rubber Mallets, Chisels and General Striking and Struck equipments.

Wheel Barrow

Sterling Sites is renowned in supplying high quality and top graded multipurpose Wheel Barrows that are manufactured with utmost durable materials and perfectly molded to give convenient and hassle free usage. The Wheel Barrows we supply are reputed as the best ones in market and are available at best and affordable prices without compromising the quality.

Wood Working Tools

We cater the requirements of manufacturing industries by providing top quality and safe to use Wood Working Tools. The products assure perfection and hassle free wood works by offering innovative and easy to handle wood working equipments. We supply an exclusive range of products including Hand Tools, Specialized Carpenter Tools, Axes, Knives, Cutters and every general tool required for the wood works.

"Sterling Sites offers an exclusive row of the best quality and perfectly designed Tools and equipment for industrial purposes keeping intact with the existing market trends and demand. The Company is a reputed industrial tools supplier in and around the Middle East including Oman, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait & Bahrain. The Company stands for innovative industrial tools and equipment at affordable and competitive prices keeping up with the standard of quality. The row of products by Sterling Sites include tools for Cutting, Wood Works, Finishing Works, Layout Works, Gardening Purposes, Measuring, Scaffolding, and other general tools required to meet industrial works. The Company perseveres its position as the top industrial tools supplier by assuring long term durability of products and ultimate choices of collection to satisfy the customer requirements."