Body Protection

Sterling Sites is an extensive supplier of Coveralls and every kind of protective product to serve the needs and demands of manufacturing industry. We focus on sales and supply of Coveralls and Safety Products including Disposable Coveralls, Full Body Coveralls, Cotton and Poly Cotton Coveralls, Safety Vests and Twill Coveralls. We focus on providing innovative solution to the manufacturing industrial requirements with our deep knowledge of industry standards. We keep up with our timely supply of products at affordable price without compromising the quality.

Eye Protection

Sterling Sites offers an exclusive range of top most quality Safety Glasses to satisfy the ever growing requirement of manufacturing industry. We are extensive supplier of Safety Goggles to guarantee safety to the workers in the hazardous manufacturing and construction industry. The products we supply are intact with the current market demand and trends and we assure utmost quality at affordable and competitive price. We assure timely supply to fulfill the customer satisfaction and provide safety and protection to the workers.

Foot Protection

We supply every variant of Safety Shoes required for the Foot Safety in the hazardous manufacturing working environment. Our wide array of Safety Shoes and Gumboots sturdily constructed to withstand high risks coming forth in manufacturing processes and assure long term durability. Each Safety Shoe, Gumboot and related protection product we supply is of high structural strength and in accordance with market trend and demand at affordable price range.

Hand Protection

Sterling Sites garners to provide Safety Gloves and every kind of Hand Safety Products to ensure protection to the workers in the hazardous manufacturing industry. We are engaged in sales and supply of Safety Gloves tested in extreme environments to guarantee long term durability and utmost protection to the hands. We keep track of market demand and trends of the current market to enhance innovation in our products and manifests in providing safety gloves of utmost quality without compromising the affordable price.

Head Protection

Sterling Sites showcases an exclusive range of Safety Helmets that ensure exceptional comfort, hassle free integration and innovative designs. Our products are tested in the most extreme environments to ensure utmost safety to the workers in hazardous working environments. We provide timely supply of our wide variety of Safety Helmets to fulfill the demands of manufacturing industry and we assure maximum quality for the products we supply at optimum price. We also guarantee that our Safety Helmets also keep up with current trends and looks.

Road Safety

Sterling Sites is an extensive supplier of top quality and affordable Road Safety Equipment to cater the requirements of manufacturing industries. Our products assured with long term durability and hassle free usage to provide utmost convenience and ultimate protection to the workers working in hazardous construction industry. Our row of products comprises of Safety Vests, Safety Cones, Warning Tapes, and every kind of general safety equipment. We ensure uncompromising quality to our products to provide solution to every safety and protection requirements.

"Sterling Sites has an exclusive row of a high standard and innovative safety equipment. The Company is a leading protective and safety equipment supplier in the Middle East covering Oman, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain. The Company ensures innovative and high qualitative Safety items at affordable prices by considering the latest trends and comfort. The range of Safety Products by Sterling Sites assures ultimate safety in the hazardous working environment and is made with high-quality materials to provide long-time durability to the users. Operating as the top safety equipment supplier in GCC, the company supplies products at the most competitive price without compromising the standard of quality and keeps intact with the requirements of the customers."