We offer an excellent and exclusive row of Cables to meet the industrial and non industrial purposes. The Cables we supply are high quality graded and tested to provide best of safety and protection standards. We focus on apt sales and supply of Cables made out of highly durable and strong materials to provide ultimate satisfaction of Cable requirements.


Sterling Sites showcases in house brands and other reputed branded Fans at reasonable price ranges. We focus on apt sales and supply of Ceiling, Table, Pedestal and Wall Fans keeping in track with the current trends and innovations. The Fans we supply are exclusively quality graded and assure unfailing satisfaction. Also, the Fans we supply ensure hassle free installation and convenient usage.


Sterling Sites is renowned in sales and supply of fine touch and trendy Lightings that match with the interior and exterior requirements. The Lighting Products we supply assure ultimate looks and solution to the interior and exterior lighting requirements. We focus on providing top quality LED Tube Rods and Battens at competitive and affordable price ranges.

Power Tools

Sterling Sites put forth an exclusive range of highly durable and strongly built Power Tools that cater to the quintessential requirements of industries. We focus on timely sales and supply of quality graded power tools that includes Cordless, Drilling, Grinding & Sawing and other tools to meet standard requirement of the customers and showcases an attractively reasonable price range.

Pressure Control

Sterling Sites showcases ultimately strong and utmost durable Pressure Control Products that garner to the everyday requirements of industries. We ensure that the products we supply are easily installable and are conveniently usable. And also, Sterling Sites guarantees incomparable quality standards to the products we supply at reasonable price range.


Sterling Sites offers an exclusive range of Trunking Products that are ultimately strong and made with utmost durable materials. We focus on sales and supply of best and quality graded Trunking Products to meet the recurring industrial and non industrial requirements. The Trunking Products supplied by Sterling Sites are reasonable and affordable price ranges.

Water Heater

Sterling Sites showcases an extensive and excellent row and in house and other reputed brands of Water Heaters at most affordable price ranges. The Water Heaters we supply are intact with current market trends and possess attractive innovations. We focus on apt supply of products that have convenient installation and hassle free usage.

Water Pump

Sterling Sites is renowned in supply quality graded and top branded Water Pumps that provide best strength and incomparable durability. The Water Pumps we supply are made out of sturdy and highly durable materials to put forth ultimate fulfillment of requirements. We also focus on timely sales and supply of Water Pumps at best and affordable prices.

Wiring Devices

Sterling Sites is best known suppliers of in houses and reputed brands of wiring devices that provide ultimate solution to the requirements in the market and focus on timely and apt sales and supply of exclusively standard products at best price ranges. The wiring devices we supply are intact and innovative with the existing market trends and demands.

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