Door Accessories

Sterling Sites put forth a row of absolutely dynamic lock accessories and hinges with high quality standards and customization. We are renowned for providing door lock solutions to the construction and manufacturing industries. We focus on timely sales and supply of every kind of door lock accessories to meet the requirements of prospective customers and assure utmost trust in quality at affordable and fair price range. Our products also guarantee hassle free installation and lifetime durability leading to best satisfaction of customers.

Door Closer

We have an exquisite collection of strong and highly durable door closers at most satisfying price ranges. We supply door closers that provide best control of destruction caused due to slamming of the doors by aptly controlling the pressure. We showcase a variety of door closers that satisfies exact customer requirements.

Door Cylinders

We showcase an exclusive profile of door cylinders manufactured from highly durable metals and having capability to provide ultimate satisfaction of requirements. We focus on supplying door cylinders that are easily installable and possess strong retraction. We offer most feasible price range to the door cylinders without compromising the quality.

Door Handles

Sterling Sites has an exclusive collection of door lock handles and provides every door locking solution with enhanced aesthetics and unfailing protection. We supply door lock handles that are specifically designed with curves and lines to ensure usage convenience and are made with best materials to guarantee long term durability. We offer exclusively fair and affordable prices to satisfy the requirements of customers within their budget.

Door Lock Body

Sterling Sites supplies an exclusive range of door lock set to cater the high demand for door lock sets for industrial and non-industrial requirements. We supply in-house and other renowned brands of door lock sets to match the needs of prospective customers. We manifest in providing high quality products at competitive price ranges and in providing timely supply of product to keep up with the pace of manufacturing and construction processes.

Pad Lock

We are top listed suppliers of extremely strong and incomparably durable padlocks that are specifically designed by professionals to provide powerful access restriction. We aim at supplying padlocks that are most suitable for serving security and protective coverage with the doors.

Sterling Sites showcases a vast row of Ironmongery that assures secure and protective strength along with long lasting durability. The fine touch quality of the Ironmonger and its affordable price range go hand in hand. Our top quality products includes Door Accessories, Door Closers, Door Cylinders, Door Handles, Door Lock Body and Pad Locks.